TD100 Series
    Publish time 2018-05-23 11:32    

TD100 Series Lithium-Ion Battery PCBA Protection Board Function Test System

Application Scope

Programming, calibration and functional test of 1 to 4 cells lithium-ion battery protection board for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other products. I2C, SMBUS, HDQ, 1-Wire, UART and other communication protocols are supported.

The supported ICs are:

              BQ20Z9X, BQ20Z45, BQ30Z55, BQ27541, BQ40695 and other TI series

              NT1781, NT1908, and other German series IC; 1785, 1788 and other Maxim series

              DS2502, Ds2936 and other Dallas series ICs; MM8013/8033 and other MITSUMI series

(Note: There are many protection chips supported which cannot be listed in full, please confirm with our company for details.)

Technical Features

1. Support multiple communication protocols, one-stop protection programming, calibration, function test

2. Independent channel design which can be assembled with 1~16 parallel multi-plate test

3. Built-in high-precision measurement module, also supports the expansion of external standard meter

4 .modular design, easy maintenance

5. Built-in device self-test function

6. One-button calibration function of built-in equipment

7. Built-in fixture management function

8. Support Shop-floor networking data acquisition system

The Main Test Function

1.GasGaugeIC data burning

2.DataFlash parameter check

3. Accuracy calibration

4.Open circuit voltage

5. Dynamic voltage

6. IDR

7. Voltage/Current/Temperature Accuracy

8. Work consumption current

9.ShutDown consumption current

10.B/I (CTRL) function test

11. IR Impedance

12. Charging test

13. Discharge test

14. Each cell overcharge voltage protection test

15. Each cell over-discharge voltage protection test

16. Charging/Discharging Overcurrent Protection Test

17. Temperature protection test

18. Short protection test

Note: Protection function tests include protection start function, protection delay time and protection recovery function