TD200 Series
    Publish time 2018-05-23 11:35    

TD200 Series Lithium-Ion Battery Finished/Semi-Finished Products Function Test System

Application Scope

The finished/semi-finished products functional tests of 1 to 4 cells lithium-ion battery packs for mobile phones, tablet computers, and notebook computers. I2C, SMBUS, HDQ, 1-Wire, UART and other communication protocols are supported.

The supported ICs are:

                 BQ20Z9X, BQ20Z45, BQ30Z55, BQ27541, BQ40695 and other TI series

                 NT1781, NT1908, and other German series IC; 1785, 1788 and other Maxim series

                 DS2502, Ds2936 and other Dallas series ICs; MM8013/8033 and other MITSUMI series

(Note: There are many protection chips supported which cannot be listed in full, please confirm with our company for details.)

Technical features

1. Support multiple communication protocols

2. Independent channel design which can be assembled with 1~6 parallel independent tests

3. Built-in high-precision measurement module, also supports the expansion of external standard meter

4.Modular design, easy maintenance

5. Built-in device self-test function

6. One-button calibration function of built-in equipment

7. Built-in fixture management function

8. Support Shop-floor networking data acquisition system

The main test function

1. SBS/DataFlash read, compare

2. Unseal/Seal instruction tests

3. Voltage / current / temperature accuracy

4. Open circuit voltage

5. Dynamic voltage

6. IDR

7. Each battery differential pressure test (IC)



10. Thermistor

11. Charging function

12. Discharge function

13. Each cell over charge voltage protection test

14. Each cell over-discharge voltage protection test

15. Charging over-current protection test

16. Discharge over-current protection test