TD800 Series
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TD800 Series

TD800 Series Appliances Lithium Protection Board Function Test System

Application Scope

Programming, calibration and functional test of 1 to 8 cells Lithium-ion battery protection for power toolsunmanned aerial vehicles, home appliances, etc.I2C, SMBUS, HDQ, UART and other communication protocols are supported.

The supported protection IC types are:

TI, Renesas, O2 and other intelligent protection ICs

Seiko Series Protection IC

Microcontroller solution

Technical Features

1. Support multiple communication protocols, one-stop protection programming, calibration, function test

2. Independent channel design which can be assembled with 1~8 parallel multi-plate test

3. Built-in high-precision measurement module, the expansion of external standard meter is also supported

4. Modular design, easily maintenance

5. Built-in device self-test function

6. One-button calibration function of built-in equipment

7. Built-in fixture management function

8. Support Shop-floor networking data acquisition system

The Main Test Function

1. Data recording

2. Parameter check

3. Accuracy calibration and detection

4. Open circuit voltage

5. Dynamic voltage

6. IDR

7. Balanced current test

8. Work consumption current

9. ShutDown consumption current

10. B/I (CTRL) function test

11. IR Impedance

12. Charging test

13. Discharge test

14. Each cell overcharge voltage protection test

15. Each cell over-discharge voltage protection test

16. Charging/Discharging Overcurrent Protection Test

17. Temperature protection test

18. Short circuit protection test

Note: Protection function tests include protection start function, protection delay time and protection recovery function